The Tournament Rules and Regulations specified here by the Organizer and its Technical Partner shall be followed in this event. All participating Anglers are anticipated to practice utmost professionalism and sportsmanship since there are no marshals or judges in the fishing area.

1. All participating Anglers are required to be in Pilar, Siargao Islands on April 24, 2014 for Registration and briefings of the tournament schedules,
Rules and Regulation.


  • Banca Boats and Boatmen shall be raffled only to tournament participants without boat and/or boatmen.
  • Tournament participants with their own boats can use their boats if they wish to.
  • Tournament participants with boat but without boatmen shall join the raffle of boatmen.
  • Tournament participants with their own boats and boatmen shall not be obliged to join the raffle of boats and boatmen.
  • This is an Open Boat Tournament.


  • During tournament days of April 25-27, 2014, allparticipating Anglers shall check-out with the Secretariat before heading out to fish 5:00am at the earliest and shall check-in on or before 4:00pm and have their fish officially weighed in.
  • Any angler who is not able to sign in or sign out is disqualified for the particular tournament day.
  • Tournament time is 5:00AM – 4:00PM.
  • In case of a tie in the weight of a FISH, the angler who weighs in first shall prevail.

4.  ANGLER SAFETY REQUIREMENTS: All participating Anglers are required and must show to the Secretariat that they have a life jacket, flashlight, raincoats and ample supply of water for safety purposes. Anglers with Marine Radio are advised to bring it with them and tune in at frequency 61. Anglers are also required to bring in their cellular phones.

5. Fishing area for this tournament is within five (5) kilometers from the east of the shores of Pilar, Siargao. The north point is Burgos and South Point is before Dako Island.

6. Each boat is allowed to use 3 rods and the maximum line is 50 lbs of mono or braid.

7. Registration Deadline is April 15, 2014.


  • Anglers must use up to two single or treble hooks per rod.
  • Fish must be caught by means of trolling, jigging, popping and bottom fishing.
  • Fish caught by way other than by hooks like “sprikitik” or “rintik”, bombs or explosives, nets, long lines, spear fishing “pana”, poison “hilo” or “tubli” or other means not sanctioned by the Tournament Director will be disqualified.

9. Angler can submit one biggest fish for every fish category. If he catches two or more fishes in one category, the biggest will automatically be considered as his entry. Angler can also win in other fish category but he cannot win twice or thrice in each category.

10. In case of protest, the protest must be in writing within the first two hours of the event or occurrence sought to be protested and submitted to the secretariat. The protest fee is Php500.00. If the protest is prima facie meritorious, it will be heard by the Tournament Director and will be discussed by three (3) judges. The Decision of the Tournament Director and the 3 judges is final.

11. The Tournament Committee/Director shall have the right to cancel, limit the time of the tournament if he deems that the weather condition will post danger to life and limbs and is unsafe to hold the tournament. There will be no refund of the Registration Fee.

12. The Tournament Director and Secretariat reserves the right to change the rules and regulations of the tournament before and during the tournament provided the changes will be announced to the participants verbally or in writing.

13. The following species of fish are eligible for the following categories including minimum weights:

i. Biggest Billfish –15kg

ii. Biggest Talakitok – 5 kg

iii. Biggest Wahoo/Tanigue – 5kg

iv. Biggest Dorado – 5 kg

v. Biggest Others – 5kg

(Except Shark, Stingrays, Puffer Fish, Dolphin & Turtles)